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  • Get your fishing fix! Bottom fishing on a yacht around reef areas

    4 hr


  • Southern Islands fishing on a yacht. Target grouper and snapper

    6 hr


  • Fishing around the Southern Islands and deeper waters

    9 hr


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All our boats are licensed by the Maritime and Port Authority as fishing charter boats with SZH license plates. Our skippers have decades of fishing and boating experience

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Sustainable fishing

Rods & reels only

Low by-catch, does
not contribute to over-fishing.

Recognized by National Geographic as a sustainable fishing method

Release "JIBES"

Juveniles, Inedible or unwanted fish, By-catch, Endangered species and Sharks

Catch, snap a picture, release!

Cleaner seas

We dispose of trash properly and scoop up floating trash that we see. We encourage the moving away from single-use plastics

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