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Fishing in Singapore?

YES! People often forget that Singapore is an island surrounded by sea. What’s more, we have many offshore islands, with surrounding reefs, and a number of patch reefs.

Being in a tropical climate, we are home to hundreds of species of fish – from small reef fish to big monsters. We cater to all levels – first timers to experienced anglers, families with children and corporate bonding trips 

Being out at sea is one of the best feelings in the world (according to us). Let's go fishing!

Local Trips

We run our trips as private charters

Typically for groups of 4 to 8 people; the larger yachts can take 20 or more people

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30ft Trophy. Up to 6 pax 
One15 Marina, S

Our Fleet

All our boats are licensed charters

Our dedicated skippers have decades of fishing and boating experience


Overseas Expeditions

Overseas expeditions departing from Singapore!

Day trips to International waters (outside Singapore port limits) 

Day trips to Desaru, Malaysia for some awesome bottom action

Epic 3D2N expedition to Kuala Rompin, Malaysia for sailfish during sailfish season; other times bottom and casting

Sustainable fishing

Rods & reels only

Targeted method with low bycatch, high survivability of released by-catch

Release "JIBES"

Juveniles, Inedible fish, By-catch, Endangered species and Sharks

Catch, snap a picture, release!

Cleaner seas

Dispose of trash properly and scoop up floating trash that we see. Reduce single-use plastics

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