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Our most popular expedition! Kuala Rompin is a sailfish hotspot of the world. During the season (July - October) we go for Indo-Pacific Sailfish. Sailfish are protected and are required to be released.


Outside of sailfish season, we go for bottom fish, pelagics and egging for big green-eye squid. 


Rompin is a 5-hour drive from Singapore  


Day trip from Singapore. Car transport to Desaru, Malaysia, and we board the fishing boat there.


We head out into open ocean where we target pelagics such as the Spanish Mackerel (locally known as Tengeri) and bottom fish, using a variety of methods - bottom set up, jigging and casting.


Desaru is a 2-hour drive from Singapore  

We venture Outside Singapore Port Limits (OPL). Outside of Singapore waters, the fish are hungry :D

These trips are for anglers who have fished locally in Singapore and relatively independent and experienced. 

Departure is from Republic of Singapore Yacht Club. Passport is needed for ICA clearance at West Coast Pier   

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