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SG Fishing Charter

In 2014, Yap commissioned a fishing vessel “BAY” with two friends Ben and Andrew, fulfilling their lifelong dreams of owning an idyllic fishing boat that they could take out fishing any time. 

Friends joined us on our fishing trips, and then friends-of-friends started coming, and then somehow a business was born.


Yap’s daughter Sue built this website and started sourcing for boats to accommodate more fishing trips. Along the way, passionate captains and crew joined us.

In 2019, Sue founded a non-profit organisation Marine Stewards, that promotes sustainable fishing practices in recreational fishing, as well as other efforts to conserve our reefs, so that everyone can continue to enjoy healthy and abundant seas for a long time to come.  


Today, we run trips on 5 main boats in Singapore, as well as overseas expeditions with a dozen captain and crew, all just as passionate (if not more than us!) at fishing.


Our captains are experienced fishing skippers who know fishing spots well. They are responsible for safe passage of the vessels, finding fish and safety of everyone onboard. 


Our fishing guides prepare the fishing gear, assist guests with fishing and provide instruction and tips for fishing. They also assist the captain onboard.

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