Participant information
  1. Buying of ticket
    a) Whatsapp 8255 5552 with your full name (per your NRIC), and preferred date slot
    b) Full payment is to be transferred:
    DBS bank current account:
    Account name: Singapore Fishing Charter Pte. Ltd.
    Account no: 027 9068612
    c) Upon transfer, please send the payment confirmation to us. And we will record your name for the day of the event. (No physical ticket will be issued)

    Ticket includes:
    - Live prawn for day fishing
    - Frozen squid & fish for night fishing. Live squid caught will be evenly distributed amongst the participants. Please note that live squid is not guaranteed as squid tends to be seasonal.
    - Drinking water, hot water (green tea bags, 3-in-1 coffee)
    - Icebox for drinks and separate icebox for fish

  2. Be on time! 
    Day fishing: Arrive at the boat at 7.45am. The boat will depart at 8am. Our day fishing duration is 8am – 5pm. 
    Night fishing: Arrive at the boat at 5.45pm. The boat will depart at 6pm. Our night fishing duration is 6pm – 7am.

    Berth F4, Boat name: BAY
    Republic of Singapore Yacht Club (RSYC) 
    52 West Coast Ferry Road, S(126887)  
    When you arrive at RSYC, go inside to where the floating docks are, on the left side there is a walkway where you can walk to Berth F4, boat name BAY. It takes about 5-10 minutes to walk from the club to the boat. 

  3. Recommended gear set up:
    Day fishing: We recommend PE 1-3 or 2-4 rod, overhead reel loaded with 30-40lb braided line. 3000 or 4000 spinning reel also ok. Hooks size 1/0 - 3/0 and sinkers size 6 - 16.  30-50 lb leader. Spreader/ranggong with 2 meter leader line, bell for bite indicator.
    Day fishing light setup option: Lures like Tenya and Madai. Also can do a light Apollo set up, 20lb Dupont line, 2 or 3 hooks, size 2 hooks with prawn meat.
    Night fishing: We recommend PE 2-4 or 3-6 rod, overhead reel loaded with 40-60 braided line. Also, spreader, 3/0 - 6/0 hooks, 60-80 lb leader (2.5 meter in length) and size 6 - 16 sinkers

  4. Things to bring:
    Day fishing: IC for registration at RSYC. Lunch, additional drinks/snacks. Any supplement bait (we have icebox on the boat). Sunscreen, raincoat
    Night fishing: IC for registration at RSYC. Dinner, supper, additional drinks/snacks. Any supplement bait. Jacket/ windbreaker, raincoat 

  5. Gear rental 
    Gear rental is $20/full set. If the participant damages the gear, they will be charged at cost. 

  6. ​Full boat charter
    If you have a group of friends, you may also charter the entire boat, Whatsapp 8255 5552 for availability.
    Day fishing: S$600 (Mon-Fri), S$700 (Sat, Sun, PH)  
    Night fishing: S$600 (Sun-Thu), S$700 (Fri, Sat, pre-PH)
    Above prices include drinking water, hot water (green tea bags, 3-in-1 coffee), ice and icebox. Does not include bait.  

Rules and regulations of Singapore Fishing Charter Pte. Ltd. competition:


  1. Ticket includes bait, ice, water and coffee. Participants to bring their own meals.

  2. To participate: Like our Facebook page. Post the photo of you and your fish on Facebook and tag us. Only fish caught on SFC’s boat during the duration of the competition are eligible for participation. Fish must be weighed on the boat and recorded by the boatman.

  3. Day category: caught during day-fishing session (8am–5pm); Night category: caught during night-fishing session (6pm–7am). Beginner category: novices who rent our fishing gear at $20/full set. Effort prizes: based on size, “desirability” and value of fish as determined by SFC.

  4. Participants are allowed to use one rod at a time.

  5. Stingray, catfish, puffer fish and sharks are excluded from top three prizes (shovel nose rays are qualifiable). Participants are encouraged to release sharks, inedible and juvenile fish.

  6. Fishing spots will be determined by the boat man based on conditions on the day. You may not request specific spots or change of spots.

  7. More trips may be added in response to the demand.

  8. Cancellation: There will be no refunds for cancellations. However you may transfer your slot to someone else by informing us in advance. One re-scheduling is allowed if there are sufficient participants for the existing trip.

  9. Winners announced on 4 January 2019, prize-giving held on 12 January 2019, at 12noon at Pioneer Concept Store. Complimentary lunch will be provided.

  10. Boatman, owners and sponsors are excluded from the competition.

  11. You allow us to use photos and videos of you on social media.

  12. By joining our trips, you hereby agree to the Indemnity Agreement as posted on our website.

  13. In event of any dispute or reports of unsporting behaviour,  Singapore Fishing Charter will have the final say and the right to disqualify participants.