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Partner with us

While we own boats BAY and Vittoria, we are happy to run trips on other charter boats. We believe that working with like-minded boat owners and captains expands the recreational fishing industry, utilises boat capacity, and provides customers with different, fun-filled experiences

Over the years, we have run hundreds of trips on partner boats, and continue to journey with boat owners, captains, crew and our fishing guests - building relationships and making fun memories together 

Boat requirements

  1. SZH licensed 

  2. Live well (or icebox with air pump) 

  3. 7 fishing rods and tackle 

  4. Fish finder 

  5. Sufficient rod holders for safety - otherwise rods tend to be left on the floor between spots etc 

  6. Toilet

  7. Commitment to sustainable fishing practices 

1. Intro

  • Provide boat and captain info

  • Visit boat 

  • Price - typically a wholesale rate that we mark up 

  • Staffing - crew, fishing guide etc 

  • Other ops - bait etc 

2. Set up

  • Select List or Partner arrangement. The one-time setup fee is to cover administrative costs and web programming fees

  • Provide boat photos and 1 walk-through video

  • MPA license and insurance doc for the Partner arrangement  

3. Run trips!

  • Run trips 

  • Get feedback, adjust as necessary 

Site listing
Normal priority
High priority
Social media posts
Instant booking
Booking platform
Setup fee
Make it back
in one trip!
in 2 to 3 trips!
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