Covid-19 Measures

Updated 21 July 2021

Our fishing trips continue to run. 

Rules in effect from 22 July 2021:

  • Maximum 2 guests allowed 

  • More than 2 persons from the same household is allowed, in subgroups of 2 people and not allowed to intermingle

  • Charter duration is limited to 4 hours

  • Masks MUST be on at all times, except when drinking water 

  • Safe Entry and temperature checks required at boarding

  • Keep 1 meter safe distance where possible

  • MPA does not allow the following: self-service buffet lines, radio broadcasts, all forms of television, film and video screenings, live music, dancing, variety acts, singing (including birthday songs),  amusement devices, darts, billiards, pool, snooker, karaoke, gambling and/or gaming instruments (e.g. dice, mahjong tiles, playing cards), any form of recorded music or sounds, including background music, toasting with food or drinks 

We abide with all prevailing measures and any other measures needed.  These include:


(i)  Pre-trip checks 

  • If your trip has 5 people with dining, we will require photo proof that you meet the Criteria

  • For families in the same household, we may check that your IC shows the same address 

  • Guests to Republic of Singapore Yacht Club are required to provide their full names, NRIC last 4 digits and gender, for pre-registration into the club 


(ii)  Temperature checks

  • Prior to boarding

  • If you are unwell or have any flu-like symptoms, please stay at home and do not risk your fellow passengers and crew

  • It is best to tell us in advance as far as possible if you are unwell, so that we can try to arrange a reschedule

  • For the safety of all guests and crew, guests who are unwell or with any symptoms or above 37.5C (fever) will be denied boarding


(iii)  SafeEntry  

  • SafeEntry has to be done twice:

  • 1) At the marina entrance (required by the marinas)

  • 2) Prior to boarding (required for Singapore Fishing Charter Pte Ltd)


(iv)  Safe distancing

  • All personnel onboard keep 1 metre apart

  • Our existing fishing stations are spaced out 1 meter or more apart. Seats are also marked out

  • Payments to be done by bank transfer or PayNow to our UEN


(v)  Masks

  • Everyone onboard MUST put on masks properly at all times, except when eating and drinking

  • Neck gaiter is not considered a mask, according to MOH


(vi)  Cleanliness and sanitation  

  • Disinfecting hand soap is provided onboard. Hand sanitiser is NOT provided as it may contaminate the bait well and kill the live prawns

  • Our boats are thoroughly washed after every trip

Our waters are heavily patrolled by MPA and Police Coast Guard. Their technology allows them to see us clearly from well afar. Please be mindful. You might not notice them but they can definitely see you.  


By coming onboard our trips, you hereby declare to Singapore Fishing Charter Pte Ltd that you will abide by all the laws and regulations as set out by our Government agencies including Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore and Ministry of Health. You also expressly agree to our Terms of Service

We seek your kind understanding on the above. As the situation may evolve, please check back here from time to time, and before your trip.

Any questions, please whatsapp us.

We apologise for all the inconvenience. Let's get through this together!  

Your Singapore Fishing Charter team